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The company also offers a SaaS product named ‘TopRankers Edge’, a unique software solution for educational institutions that wish to bring their content and modules online.

TopRankers has more than 35 recognized names as its B2B client from 10 Indian cities, and is planning to expand its business in 50 more cities in the near future. On the B2C side, the company is planning to acquire another 5 lakh students within 12-18 months.

Mohit Gupta, MD, Ideation Initiative said “With the growing ICT, we see rising number of competitive exams in almost every field going online. It has been estimated that around 1.8 crores students takes these exams every year. With the international online learning market expected to reach $107 Billion by the end of this financial year, there are numerous players that have already started filling in the gaps. Under such high market receptivity, we felt it was just the precise moment to invest in such ventures, and TopRankers, being a potential venture became an apparent choice.”

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